Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbal medicine treats the root (underlying cause) and branch (symptoms) of an illness. Chinese Herbs is another approach to address physical, emotional and spiritual issues. Herbal practitioners design custom-made formulas for each individual. High quality raw and prepared Chinese herbs are combined in formulas and given as teas, capsules, pills, liquid extracts, lotions, or powders. Individualized formulas take into consideration the patient’s specific needs.

Benefits of chinese herbs

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat and prevent health problems. Organs are a major focus in Chinese Herbs and treatments include lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, treating indigestion and chronic diseases, to name a few. Treating with Chinese Herbs strengthens the body’s immune system, in order to aid the body fight off illnesses or diseases.

Other benefits of chinese herbs

  • Lowers risk of inflammation

  • Balances hormones and improves fertility

  • Improves cancer protection

  • Treats chronic pain and headaches

  • Improves organ health (liver, kidney, spleen…)

  • Reduces stress

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