Dr. Susanne Demmerle, A.P.

My professional journey started in 1989 in the field of veterinary medicine. I earned a Ph.D. in Veterinary Medicine (Germany) with the focus on fish diseases and researching the environmental effects of pollution on marine fish and crustacea. After several international and national moves with my family, I decided to change to a more hands-on profession.


Thereafter, I enrolled in a massage therapy program, which was the origin of my work with meridians, channels and energy flow of the body. My fascination with the body’s energy and curiosity lead me to take my studies further, studying Five Element Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs at Maryland University of Integrative Health.

I graduated from Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2015 from the doctoral program of Oriental Medicine. As a licensed Acupuncturist in Maryland, two areas intrigued me in particular: Cosmetic Acupuncture and caring for trauma survivors.

My continuous education

Regarding Cosmetic Acupuncture, I had the immense privilege in assisting one of the leading Cosmetic Acupuncture specialists, Dr. Michelle Gellis, for 18 months. I also attended a course by another prominent specialist on cosmetic acupuncture, Shelly Goldstein. As a result, I became very selective with my own facial regiment, using mainly Chinese herbal based products and Chinese facial techniques. This holistic approach--combining Chinese herbal extracts, serum, or oils--became my tool for a healthier and younger look.

Additionally, I gained experience in supporting and treating PTSD patients and trauma survivors through auricular acupuncture and classes on the Tau of Trauma offered by Alaine Duncan. Likewise, my work with Alaine Duncan, a leading specialist in the Integrative Health & Wellness Program for Veterans at the VA Health Care in Washington D.C., equipped me with the knowledge and expertise to offer veterans and trauma survivors among others a treatment approach to address stress, reduce depression, and imbalances in the body through a holistic rather than “quick fix” approach.

Today, I reside in Miami Beach, and I am a Nationally Board Certified (NCCAOM) and licensed Acupuncture Physician. Aside from English, I am fluent in German, French and Arabic.